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loving the bold, bright and beautiful surrounding us.

Blessed with unlimited optimism and creativity, I enjoy life and everything in it. I see beauty and goodness all around me. I believe that the gift of creativity has been entrusted to me to share my positivism with others.


I cannot go outside without being intrigued by the beauty surrounding us and showing itself in so many different ways. The way the light hits and creates a special atmosphere not only in large areas but also in tiny little niches captivates me. I am mesmerized by it and it makes me happy. Intrigued by what goes on in an animal I often choose to present them as portraits. Alberta is blessed with a multitude of gorgeous critters and breathtaking landscapes which I love to explore in every season of the year.


My style can be defined as a kind of graphic realism. I enjoy exaggerating on the brightness of colour to produce a cheerful image. I hope to make people connect with it, smile, not take things too seriously and to enjoy life. A painting can be a beautiful daily reminder of our blessings.


Virgini 2021 with bar.png
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