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loving the bold, bright and beautiful surrounding us.

Optimistic by nature, enjoying the colour and movement of life, seeing the sunny side figuratively and literally inspires me and moves me to the colourists and impressionists. I am generally drawn in by art from artists who use a lot of colour, have abstracted their scenes, but are still realists like Heather Pant, Cameron Bird, Nicholas Bott, Brent Laycock, Erica Hawkes, Julie de Boer and Erica Neumann for instance. In my mind I always follow the shape and line of things. This combination shows in my work. I love abstracting a subject to the point that it is still realistic. I usually work in acrylics and oils. I am inspired by the natural environment especially the flow of the land and the energies around us. I mostly choose to paint landscapes, trees, florals and animals.

I am continuously intrigued by the beauty surrounding us and showing itself in so many different ways. The way the light hits and creates a special atmosphere not only in large areas but also in tiny little niches captivates me. I am mesmerized by it and it makes me happy. Intrigued by what goes on in an animal I often choose to present them as portraits. Alberta is blessed with a multitude of gorgeous critters and breathtaking landscapes which I love to explore in every season of the year.

My style can be defined as a kind of graphic realism. I enjoy exaggerating on the brightness of colour to produce a cheerful image. I hope to make people connect with it, smile, not take things too seriously and to enjoy life. I believe that the gift of creativity has been entrusted to me in order to share my positivism with others. A painting can be a beautiful daily reminder of our blessings.


I presented work at the Calgary Stampede Art Gallery, the Venture Art Gallery, Art on 9th Gallery and currently have work in the Leighton Art Centre, Lineham House Galleries and Okotoks Art Gallery in Okotoks and the Gust Gallery in Waterton Park.


My paintings are collected in Canada and internationally. I am also open for commissions.

2023 October Virgini.jpeg
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