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FREE ART - Art and Found Day 2024 - March 12

I just recently was made aware of this fun initiative via one of my fellow group members in my Mastrius mentorship group. It entails that basically on March 12 I will leave one of my paintings somewhere in Okotoks, nicely wrapped with a sticker saying "Free Art", and the person that finds it can keep it !!! What a great way to give back to the community with something that I am good at! Check out the website to learn more about how it started, how it works and who is participating! In Okotoks there are now several other artists (Janifer Calvez (@janifercalvezart), Christine Walker ( and Renee Carrier) who have joined in the event and maybe more will sign up before March 12.

I have started on my painting, see attached photos and will keep you posted on its progress. Also closer to the date I will provide you with clues to know where to find it !!!!!!!!


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